Scuba Discovery Adventure

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For those who want to test the waters and try scuba, this is the course for you! The Scuba Discovery Course gives you a glimpse of what you can expect to experience in the underwater world and what you could expect to learn in the Open Water Scuba Diver course. During this experience program, you will go through the basic safety procedures for enjoyable scuba diving under the watchful eye of an active Scuba Instructor.

You will learn skills such as equalizing your ears, buddy checks, basic buoyancy control, underwater communication, and more. We will introduce you to basic scuba equipment, followed by an underwater tour of the local aquatic environment.


- Scuba Discovery Adventure (Access the same day)

-  Utilize our rental gear and computer for your training 

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- Conduct Scuba Discovery Course knowledge reviews and required quizzes from our app on your smartphone, iPad, and computer at your leisure. (Dive facility monitors progress via Online system).

- In-shop review, one day in the water with our Specialty Instructor developing, practicing, and having a blast.  (Can be completed in one weekend)

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