SMP Sensei Scuba Clean Up Day


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Participate in our monthly environmental day for divers, snorkelers, and land-based clean-up personnel.  Join our Divemaster in a known high-traffic area and use your bubbles for touring the areas and cleaning up our beautiful Okinawa Ocean floors. 

- Must be OW certified with a minimum of 5 dives completed and be comfortable in the water diving with a buddy.

- Must have all the diving/snorkeling equipment needed for this dive. If divers/snorkelers need to pick up equipment, they must come to Sensei Scuba and get fitted for equipment prior to April 13th.

- On the day of, Sensei Scuba provides 1 tank per diver, gloves for all that do not have them, and bags for disposing of trash collected. We will not have anything else so please collect all needed equipment by the NLT date.

- Divers/snorkelers will meet at the PIN location at 08:00. Our location is the South Steps Sunabae Seawall next to American Village in Chatan. (Don't be late)

Google Maps PIN:

- Expect to start about 30 minutes after the meeting time. 

- There are NO additions to the (In Water Portion) of Environmental Dive and snorkel other than those obtaining an actual spot through the  "purchase portal." 

- Before you show up, please fill out our Services Agreement Form, on the App,   (Select the Dive Clean UP checkbox)

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- Open our App

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