New Student Login NOT USED

STEPS to start your Class session has to be completed only once after that just log in and out and work. 10 steps. 

FOLLOW These steps exactly. 

Any issues during this set up email me at

0. Go to, Click Students 

1. Click Open Water Students link 

2. Click Sign up Now

3. Enter: Birthday day, First Name, Last Name (Click submit)

4. Fill in: use YOUR on-base PSC box for an address, the country is United States ( If you do not have a PSC, use your home address. (click submit)

5. Fill in boxes 

6. Click (MY E-Learning) 

7. Click (Signup For new courses)

8. Copy-paste your code in the box under ( Do you have a signup code, CLICK Redeem) 

Your Code to copy and Paste is: (Provided BY DIVE SHOP)

9. Click ( I Agree at the bottom, and click submit)

10. Click Start MY Class at the bottom. 


Additional Information: 

- From this point, after you log in and out you will need only click “Go to Course." 

- The percentage of completion is shown at the bottom. 

- There is help for the course at any time using the tools inside for you to ask questions. 

-Note the Dive shop will be able to monitor all your progress here and future classes.

- The class date (All Online work must be done by this date). 

- Specifics on your confined water/ Ocean days of  will be delivered a week prior via email/APP.  

Get ready to have a great time on your diving adventure !

Hubert White: Owner of Sensei Scuba.