Open Water Stealth Adventure


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4 Installments of $365.00 or one payment of $1460.00 at Checkout


- Open Water Certification(start the same day)

- Stealth back inflate Performance BCD 

-Stealth-balanced, sealed regulator set 

- Includes Nitrox Certification.

- Includes OrcaTorch D560 Diving  Light.

-  Gear New(Mares Pro  Dive Computer, Mask,  Fins,  Snorkel, Boots, Gloves, Wetsuit T-Shirt, Mask Strap, Gear Bag and Mask Anti-Fog). Yours to keep.


What Now?

0. Click Add to cart, checkout.  (Select Four Installment  or Full Payment)

Afterward :

1. Go to ->

2. Click  NEW CLIENT in the menu, select your  Sizes and Gear Colors.

3. Receive an EMAIL from us the Same Day,  providing access. 

-. Conduct Open Water knowledge reviews and required quizzes from our app on your smartphone, IPad, and computer at your leisure. (Dive facility monitors progress via Online system).

-. In shop review, two days in the water with our instructor developing and practicing and having a blast.  (Can be completed in one weekend)


- Access and gear ready immediately. 

  No Interest on installment, No additional Fees, and No Waiting. 

Get Started without needing to change your busy schedule or come in. 

Go to -->

Click New Client in the menu.