Stealth Backplate, Harness and Wing Style BCD


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Time to suit up in a backplate and take your diving to the next level! Backplate, Harness, and Wing Buoyancy Compensators are more reliable and durable while diving in harsh environments, with higher workloads with more equipment. Backplates are far more customizable to the wearer and less expensive to repair if damaged than traditional BCDs. Stealth  Backplate, Harness, and Wing style system is a must if you're looking to do more advanced diving. 

- Stainless Steel Plate.

- One Piece 2" Nylon Webbing Harness System.

- 5 Stainless Steel D-Rings.

- Twin Tank Bands for Redundancy.

- Back Pad and Crotch Strap Pad to deuce wear on wetsuits.

- Elastic keepers on Harness to secure diving equipment.

- 30lb lift capacity on the wing. 

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