Diving Life

 Our innovative approach is simple, effective. Expert diving techniques for a safe and enjoyable experience. Efficient use of your time. Enjoyment and lasting memories.


Enjoy every second!


 Assortment of areas to focus!

 Design your own  Combination of training.  

 Let us know your goals. We set skills in proper training order creating a package for you. All required dives and skills steps strictly adhere.

What To Expect. 

1. Purchase from our website. Afterward , Click Client Portal to provide info, sizes. 

2. Gain access to the online portion of your training and vital information from your instructor via email /text the same day as your purchase. 

3. Meet the instructor at the training location on day 1, where all gear needed for your package is prepared and ready for you to begin. Training takes place in the water /pool between Futenma gate 1 area and Camp Foster commissary gate area. The instructor arranges the time and dates with you.

Experience the thrill of diving.